The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Weather part 2

There seemed to be an abundance of wind in the summer of 2014. Unfortunately, we lost our little orange Hyundai Acci - dent in one of these wind storms.

The clock read midnight. Rob and I were both woken up by a loud crack. in our dozey state, we got up to look outside. Unbelievable! A large tree branch was laying across the hood of the little orange car, which was parked in the driveway.

The hood was dented badly but other than that, there were a few minor sctarches and knicks.

The branch came off of a tree in the neighbours yard, however, the tree itself belongs to the city. The city is funny this way - don't you dare touch OUR tree in trimming it down or we will fine you. But if OUR tree does damage to your property, we are not responsible... Ugg...

Our biggest mistake was calling the insurance company. Previously, the car had been hit by a hail storm. Because we took the settlement rather than fixing all the surface dents, the insurance company now took into account all the damage and decided to write off the car. We fought hard with them, arguing which damage was from the tree, but to no avail. Insurance companies can be awful!

Our representative was not honest with us. She did not present the facts accurately and she chose not to offer us a buy out for our own car. Only after I spoke with another rep did she back track and offer us a buy out optionm, which was so absurd, no one could even entertain that idea. She lied about the repair quotes, but in the end she won, as we chose to relinquish the car. What a loss...

It was a sad day when the tow truck came...

September brough a freak snow storm, which once again brought the city to a modified stand still. Hardly a tree was spared. The weight of the snow snaped so many branches, most trees suffered some degree of damage. The city crews were out in full force cleaning up debris and trimming vulnerable twigs and branches.