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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Liquid Cleansers

So whats left to try? Oh my...

Liquid Soap
Face Wash
Body Wash
Surgar Scrubs

The list goes on. This truly is addicting...

Liquid soap...

Looks like marshmallow fluff or meringue. I melted down a bar of soap with some water and whiped it with my egg beaters. Works pretty good in the liquid soap pump. I am waiting to try it in the foaming pump, but I need for it to be emptied first.

Face Wash and Toner...

I brewed about a cup of my strong Japanese Green Tea - its not in leaf form but rather a powder so I'm wondering if I can use it as colorant in soap...

I didn't mind using the tea as toner, but I found the powder settled to the bottom of my container and clogged my spray bottle.
For the facewash I used 1/4 cup each brewed green tea and liquid castile soap. Added 3/4 tsp carrier oil, in this case I used avocado oil, 3 drops of Vitamin E oil and 8 drops of EO.

It woked fine as a face wash, but again with the clogging of the pump. I think next time I will need to strain it well, perhaps using cheesecloth? The colour was awful! And we ended up dumping it after a couple of weeks. 

We'll just try again.

Next up will be a sugar scrub, body wash, bubble bath, and of course experimenting with the face wash and hair cleaning solutions.